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Bento Policy on Intellectual Property

Bento Policy on Intellectual Property

The Bento Policy on Intellectual Property is designed to facilitate and encourage the use of Bento. There are, therefore, very few restrictions on the use of the intellectual property created and maintained by

The policy covers three categories of Bento-related intellectual property: the Bento grammar and language specification; the "Bento Language" trademark; and the Bento reference implementation and sample programs.

The Bento grammar and language specification are in the public domain. You do not need a license to use the language for any purpose, or copy and disseminate the language specification.

However, retains all Bento language-related trademark rights, including the trademark "Bento Language". ("Bento" by itself is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, and refers to an unrelated and apparently no longer supported product.) The "Bento Language" trademark is reserved for products which adhere to the Bento language specification as defined by

Finally, the reference implementation and sample programs are covered by a relatively unrestricted open source license called the Bento Poetic License. This license allows use of the source code and binary files to be used with or without modification for any commercial or noncommercial purpose, provided that copyright notices and legal disclaimers are not removed, and that derived products do not claim to implement or support the Bento language unless they actually do.

We welcome your questions and comments concerning this policy.


Use of any software, source code and documentation obtained from this site is governed by the Bento Poetic License.

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