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Bento is still pre-alpha. No fancy install program yet. But if you want to experiment with our work-in-progress you are welcome to download the following:
  • Bento-in-a-jar. The Bento jar file contains everything you need to compile Bento files; it also contains a servlet for serving Bento content directly. It should be a reasonably recent, reasonably stable version, but at this stage there are no guarantees.

    To compile a Bento file, enter the following at the command line (this assumes you have the Java runtime environment installed):

    java -jar bento.jar bentopath
    where bentopathis one or more pathnames separated by the standard path separator character (: on Unix, ; on Windows). The pathname can point either to an individual file or a directory; in the latter case all the files in the directory with a ".bento" extension will be loaded.

    To run the Bento servlet, you need to add something along the lines of the following to your web application configuration file (for example, the file WEB-INF/web.xml for a servlet running in Tomcat):


    Download bento.jar

  • Browse source tree in CVS


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