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The Bento language provides a wide range of benefits due to its unique role as an object-oriented presentation language. Further benefits arise not from Bento's conceptual underpinnings so much as its style.

Benefits of Using an Object-Oriented Language

Bento is object-oriented (OO) meaning it allows data and logic to be encapsulated into objects according to object-oriented principles. As programmers of OO languages such as C++ and Java well know, the benefits of OO are substantial:
  • Reliability. OO techniques minimize the dependencies between parts of the system, so bugs are more likely to be localized.
  • Maintainability. OO allows complex applications to built out of simple components; the simpler a component, the cheaper and quicker it is to fix or modify.
  • Extensibility. OO components are intrinsically extensible, even in ways unforeseen by the original developers, so changes to meet new requirements are possible and often inexpensive.
  • Reusability. OO solutions lend themselves to generalization. OO techniques make it possible to build abstract, high level solutions which can be customized and adapted for specific circumstances. As a result, OO developers are less likely to find themselves "reinventing the wheel".


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